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Who we are

Circus Lesvos aims to bring joy and creativity to underserved communities on the island of Lesvos. We believe that every person deserves a chance to experience the magic of the circus, and we strive to make that possible through our outreach programs.

Our team consists of professional social circus trainers, performers, educators, and volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities!

Join us in our mission to spread happiness and hope through the power of circus arts!

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Our journey

The initial idea for the project belongs to Karl Köckenberger, founder of Zirkus Macht Stark in Germany,

and Leila and Thibo, founders of the artistic and social circus organization, La mule cirque.

The project has traveled and remained on the island, under the support and expertise provided by MONOKYKLO, a circus school that emphasizes the educational and social aspects of circus arts.

We all have extensive backgrounds in social work, and we travel the same lovely route toward bringing about social change!

Our team 2023-24

Meet the Team

"I am a dedicated Social Circus Trainer and Performer with a strong educational background, including diplomas in Education and Dramatherapy. Currently pursuing further studies in Psychology, I use the transformative power of circus arts to inspire positive change and resilience among diverse populations in Europe and refugee camps in Greece. Beyond my professional work, I am passionate about giving back to the community, volunteering at psychology clinics to promote mental well-being through circus techniques.I am particularly enthusiastic about the impact of education, especially non-formal education, and how it can provide a holistic approach to psychosocial and educational support, with the invaluable assistance of arts."


"Cascading with enthusiasm for acrobatics and juggling, I am a passionate individual who thrives in the world of circus arts. Armed with a sociology diploma, I am more of a hands-on practitioner than a mere theorist, firmly believing that through the magic of circus, I can steer humanity towards a brighter future. Hailing from the misty shores of France's wet west coast,

I eagerly became a part of this team, drawn by the allure of vibrant circus activities that not only provide physical strength but also deliver boundless joy – the very essence of life's true treasures."

Pauline Baudillon

"With a diverse and enriching educational background in dance and circus from Greece, Germany, and the Netherlands, I have devoted my skills to nurturing young talents across different age groups. From the very young to the elderly, my passion lies in teaching dance, improvisation, and circus skills, instilling creativity and confidence in my students.

In recent years, my focus has shifted towards social circus, where I actively participate in coordinating European programs for circus artists and trainers. I firmly believe in the transformative power of dance, physical theatre, and circus, considering them invaluable tools for enhancing both personal and social skills. At Monocycle, I wear multiple hats, serving as the coordinator for all activities and operations. Alongside my managerial responsibilities, I continue to inspire young minds through classes in Children's Circus, Contemporary Dance, and Children's Circus, imparting the joy of movement and self-expression."

"I'm a circus trainer with a profound passion for education. My world revolves around playful games and the joy of sharing circus skills, whether it's with children or grown-ups. While my usual stage is in France, where I conduct regular circus classes, I've recently embarked on a meaningful journey with the Circus Lesvos Project. Here, I devote my time and skills to make a difference. For me, education isn't just about teaching circus tricks; it's about fostering camaraderie, creativity, and a love for lifelong learning among my students. I firmly believe that education is a powerful catalyst for positive change, and I'm dedicated to making an impact, one juggling ball at a time."

Marianthi Mota
Emilie Muller
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