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Our services
Our methodology

Instead of simply waiting in one place, we are looking for you.

Because of this, our crew is MOBILE and is available to visit you wherever you like!

We can also be found in parks and open areas, as well as in schoolyards!

Circus arts
Family oriented

Balancing in objects
Floor & aerial acrobatics


movement & clown
Human right
Team building sessions
for organizations

Our way of education is based on a

student-centered teaching approach, which has a dual focus - on the one hand, it focuses on students individually, on their talents, interests, experiences, backgrounds, abilities, and needs, and on the other hand, it focuses on teaching practices that are more effective for high motivation, meaningful learning, and success for all learners.

The main idea is that students are to be

co-responsible for their learning.

Using circus equipment and techniques, participants gradually learn to develop internal motivation and control their emotional responses and social interaction. Important elements that lead to self-regulation, i.e. the modification of behavior by the individual himself, to achieve a goal. Self-regulation is a complex skill that integrates cognitive, volitional, and behavioral characteristics, and it is considered a particularly important achievement that supports learning in general.

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