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What is a social circus
& why is it different from
other art forms?

It is the application of circus art and culture to address social concerns including social exclusion, the effects of trauma, community violence, and/or a lack of access to the arts and cultural activities.


 Social Circus refers to the growing movement toward the use of circus art as a medium for social justice and social good. It's an innovative tool for the education and social inclusion of children, young people, and adults with fewer opportunities.


Art is typically divided into different categories and mediums, but the skills of one art form often overlap with others. Circus is no exception, and that's the magic of it! It also combines traditional and modern arts such as theatre, dance, music, video mapping, etc. Additionally, includes sports and physical activities in a safe, non-judgmental, and

non-competitive way!

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Psychotherapist in MVI

Giving children the chance to practice circus, before their psychological sessions, help them to be more focused and concentrated afterward.

Lisa,Field Coordinator in Parea

Something is missing in the days and hours that the circus is not there.

You really bring ''color'' and hapinnes to our place!

Marisa, psychologist in WWBT

It's amazing what you do…

You are adults when you arrive in our place, but

once you start playing you become

so energetic and enthusiastic like the children!

During the class, you are so involved and connected with the kids!

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